Screenplays by Jerry Robbins


The Hero

The Hero is a war drama centered around Matt Green, a World War I pilot.

A young World War 1 pilot wants to become a hero and to do that he must become an Ace. He finds a way to do that by taking down the targets other pilots fear, the hated German balloons. When he succeeds in becoming Ace of Aces, he learns what become a hero truly means.

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The Hero is a war drama centered around Matt Green, a World War I pilot and balloon buster.
Matt says goodbye to his fiancé, Evelyn, to go to war, telling her he will come back a hero or else.
He immediately incurs the wrath of the veteran airman when he drops out of formation and comes back with tales of victories but no confirmations.
Only one man believes in him, and that the commander of his squadron, who is promoted to lead the group. The next squadron commander isn’t sympathetic to his need to work alone. The only one who truly understands him is his new wingman, a German-American accused of spying.
Together, the two pursue the coveted title of Ace. The wingman, Joe, must prove he isn’t a spy by taking down the balloon that is spying on their airfield. No other pilot wants to go after these dangerous targets, which are well-guarded by the German artillery and planes.
Matt is also withholding information from his mother and fiancé that he is on the front lines. He neglects writing to Evelyn, and she carries a secret she wants to share with him but isn’t sure he wants to hear.
Meanwhile, Matt is eager to prove himself and taking out balloons appears to be the way to do it. He pushes himself harder than anyone else. Unsatisfied with his commander’s conservative way of thinking, he tries new ways to take out the balloons as the Germans adapt to his methods, which include both dawn and night attacks.
He succeeds in becoming the Ace of Aces, taking down more enemy aircraft than any other pilot. After losing his best buddy and wing man Joe, he is sent to Paris on leave to rest and recuperate. Seeing his name in headlines and his picture in every newspaper, he retreats to his room and writes his mother. He has trouble drafting a letter to his fiancé. Evelyn is as lonely and secluded as he is, although she does write a letter to him, explaining all, which he will never receive.
Matt realizes he can’t stop now. He must complete his mission to take down all the German balloons. It no longer matters if he is a hero or a star; with his new status comes responsibilities that he hadn’t imagined. The group commander wants him to teach other pilots his tricks and impart his knowledge to them, which he does.
When he loses another wingman, it is over. He refuses to fly with other pilots and sets out on the lone mission that will end his life, but make his name known for generations to come, while back at home, his fiancé gives birth to twins – children he will never see. Although her divorced mother wants to put the twins up for adoption, Evelyn is determined to raise them by herself, with the help of her father and Matt’s parents.
And, finally, a letter does arrive from Matt, which he wrote on the day he died, confirming his love for her. It arrives at the hand of a handsome stranger, one of the pilots Matt has met. Evelyn knows that everything is going to be alright.


( With Joe Monahan and Keith Mullin)

A string of grisly murders begins after the rape of a college student, embroiling her, her friends, her parents, and the investigators in a murder mystery of horrifying revelations.

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