Now and Forever: The Book of Danny

NOW AND FOREVER: THE BOOK OF DANNY, the second book of the series NOW AND FOREVER, by top romance writer Jean Joachim, has been adapted into a screenplay.  

Danny Maine is the younger of the two hot-blooded Maine boys and he’s lured to Willow Falls and Kensington State University by the idea of being near the only person he now considers family, Callie Richards, the sweet charming girl his brother had promised to marry.

Wounded in Iraq, Danny is determined to make a fresh start in the college town.

Once arriving, he wastes no time in looking up Callie, the sweet girl his brother Kyle was going to marry.  Danny’s brother was killed in Iraq, and Danny is surprised to learn Callie’s now married to someone else. Danny meets Eliza,a college dean, and finally finds love, or so he thinks.

But, although hot and sexy,Danny has a ton of baggage. So does Eliza.

Scarred not only by the war,but also by the neglect and abuse of his childhood, Danny has problems only those closest to him can see.  Callie and her husband Mac are there to support him, as is Eliza, until she says no to Danny’s marriage proposal. His life takes an even darker turn when his evil father hits town.

Will his struggle for a happy life succeed, or will nightmares and dangerous people rob him of everything he holds dear?

This screenplay is an adaptation of the book NOW AND FOREVER: THE BOOK OF DANNY, by Jean Joachim. I have an option for  contract rights to the book.  Jean Joachim is an award-winning romance writer.

If you like the concept of NOW AND FOREVER: THE BOOK OF DANNY, I’d be happy to send you the script.

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