Mama’s Madness

MAMA’S MADNESS, inspired by the 2014 book MAMA’S MADNESS by crime thriller author B.R. Chitwood, has been adapted into a screenplay.

Tammi Jo learns early on that everything revolves around Mama. She’s the “main character” in all their lives, and when Mama isn’t happy, no one is.

Older brother is heavily into dealing drugs. Mama helps him run his business from home and drives away the Hell’s Angels who don’t like her son doing business in their territory.
Rebellious older daughter will do anything to leave home, even become a prostitute. But Mama’s in charge, and she shoots the girl and holds her prisoner in the family home.  And there’s  Mama’s favorite son, who excels at sports, and  Mama at the games to cheer him on. Mama’s will go to no lengths to see he gets a scholarship, and the principal better play along.

Tammi Jo, the youngest, just wishes things would be normal in her world.

But that’s not going to happen. Mama’s standing order to her is, “Loose lips sink ships.” She better not talk about anything that is going on, or bad things could happen to her. Especially now that Mama’s new boyfriend is in the picture and the stage is set for murder and mayhem when he and Mama  rob a gas station and accidentally kill the attendant while obtaining the cash to get them into a high stakes poker game. They cheat to win, and the bad guys come after them. With one child held prisoner in a closet, another stealing from his mother, and a third moving out to live with his girlfriend, Mama’s madness takes over and the worst in her erupts.

Tammi Jo must deal with the bodies and mayhem.  Will she ever find and her normal life?

This screenplay is an adaptation of the book MAMA’S MADNESS, by Billy Ray Chitwood. I have an option for  contract rights to the book.  B.R. Chitwood is a crime thriller writer.

If you like the concept of MADNESS AND FOLLY, I’d be happy to send you the script.

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